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Hi to all, we’ll talk about a new innovative project that allows many age different people to communicate easily each others. It’s name is WhatsUp and it’s distributed by LifeParticipation team: a group of developers, teachers and student of the Trento’s DISI (Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science).

This social project allows you to share pictures and messages with a list of friends, granting to elder people an easy and ad hoc app that avoid difficult operations. In these years, it’s very important to provide more and more features to users, avoiding difficult concepts for those ones that need only simple features.


The WhatsUp home


You’ll find some mobile apps on the most important market for mobile devices:

  • WhatsUp for android: ice-cream compatible, off-line access and designed for the google platform
  • WhatsUp for iOS: easy and fast to use (similar to android version)
  • WhatsUp Display for iOS: the client for those people that aren’t able to do difficult things that allow simple view operations

Actually I’m developing the android version of WhatsUp, putting every things that I have learned in the last two years and updating them to all last new platform features.

Have you still tried it? They are all free and they don’t ask you any registration to a new service (just only facebook or google authentication). Have you got any useful comment?




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