Windows Developer Conference 2012 #devc12

In the last two days I have participated for FactoryMind at Windows Developer Conference in Milan. As an amazing android developer I have heard carefully all the news proposed by speakers. In my opinion every kind of development technology has its own charm and curiosity and I believe that the new Windows8 will offer to public and developers a new way of think.

Inspired by many active technologies from Apple, Android, Google, (Old) Windows,… this new OS tries to summarize social and canonical schema into a multi-platform operating system granting the maximum experience to users. Far from old styles Windows8 promises to integrate every device in the most convenient manner for the user.

At this conference I have participated at this at these technical talks:

  • Designing a LOB solution in Metro style fashion – Luca Regnicoli
  • From .NET to Metro style apps – Raffaele Rialdi
  • Implementing MVVM in WinRT – Corrado Cavalli
  • Metro style apps: ALM and Background Tasks – Paolo Pialorsi
  • Developing for Intel Ultrabook – Francesco Baldassarri
  • Tile, Toast and push notifications in Metro style – Daniele Bochicchio
  • Cloud based services for Windows 8 – Roberto Brunetti
  • Windows Store – Lorenzo Barbieri
  • Async Programming in .NET 4.5 – Marco Russo

That’s all for this time 🙂
This is not an IOC to Microsoft world but a new way of think that travels hand by hand with my other one 😉



About alchemiasoft

Android Developer at Bloomberg LP. Algorithms and performance passionate. Curious. Eager to learn.

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