One year in #London, just the first chapter of a new book.

It has been one year since I left Italy, my friends and the warm nest of a family that never stops loving you.

Just this morning I received an email from my father who was asking me if I’m celebrating this wonderful day. I think that the biggest celebration is to be here; it doesn’t matter if it’s London, Paris, NY,… but the important fact is that I’m still here, fighting day by day for all those things that I like to do. In just one year a lot of things have changed in my mind, in my life and in my job. New horizons, goals and people have started to be part of this new life but at the same time all the “old” important ones have continued to follow me and support all my choices.

Far from that, I think that London is an amazing city. Sometimes it’s difficult to live in a place where people are always in a rush, think different and where the sun seems to be a little bit shy. But at the same time, the mix of different cultures, people and thoughts certainly gives a kind of different hints that create new flavors in your life. It’s a kind of blinking web that attract you day by day… more and more 🙂
As I said someone before my leaving, my plans for the future are not already defined but there are some things that I would definitely like to continue and to achieve.

After three months as a contractor for Telefónica, I started in March with Massimo Carli to work for DMGT(Daily Mail and General Trust), taking care of the legacy app of Daily Mail. It was like a nightmare because it was full of memory leaks, bugs, unsafe operations and not maintainable. During the summer we received the approval to rebuild it from the scratch and, doubling the users and the daily active loads, we have achieved a huge progress forward. It’s always difficult to satisfy thousands and thousands of different users but in my opinion we can be happy about our results that will certainly become better and better in the future.

At the Google I/O, in May, I had the opportunity to have in front of me a lot of the people those are building and setting the basis of the biggest and the most famous mobile OS in the World: Android. It was amazing when during the video of the keynote they show the 900.000.000 of activations. At the same time I walked through the main streets of San Francisco thinking how I am lucky and proud to be what I am. I’m just a point in the huge World’s shape but at the same time I’m one of the people who are trying to make it better dedicating all their efforts to achieve new goals and challenges.

During September I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers at AppsWorld and this was an important opportunity to see how, most of the times, patience, perseverance and stubbornness give the possibility to be a kind of referral point for someone else. During the same week there was the Droidcon and it was the opportunity to see people with whom I have worked in the prior months and to have some important hints by people from Square, Facebook and other famous companies.

There a lot of others things those happened during this intense year and it is just a bunch of them.

At the same time I have never forgotten where I come from and all the people who has remained in my life. I have never forgotten that some years ago the cancer has tried to kill me while I was throwing away my life for things that now look a little bit stupid and sneaky. I have never forgotten that my uncle died in front of me after some months of illness and therapies.

I have to thank a lot of people to be here today because without them I would never have done a lot of things and I would never have achieved what I am now and what I’ll be in the future:

  • My girlfriend with whom I’m living now; she is trying to get the best of me and to tolerate all my defects
  • My mother and my father those are proud of me and what I’m doing. They always made be sure I had everything that I needed and I’m pretty sure that nothing, except my happiness, will pay back them.
  • My brother who is complete crazy and who finally arrives here in holiday for his holidays
  • Massimo Carli and his family who have helped us to set up here in London and those have become our main friends here in the UK
  • My godfather and godmother those have been like friends and funs in all my adventures
  • All my friends

See you soon,

Time tables Verona 01/12/2012

Time tables Verona 01/12/2012

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