[Story Of My Life] London Chapter Two

It looks like that Today it’s my second year anniversary here in London šŸ™‚
I want definitely to be a lot more concise than the past year but at the same time I want to write something that will remain as stone in the path of my life.

This year has definitely been even more intenseĀ than 2013 but at the same time it has givenĀ me the opportunity to learn lods of new stuff. Since February(if I’m not wrong) I took part into a Mobile Cloud Computing specialization with Android on Coursera and it has definitely drained a lot of my energies and time.

In April I’ve almost rewritten completely MyNextBus to make it better and more performant. It’d be nice now to make it follow theĀ Material Design Guidelines and to update some of the internal core libraries. Probably, if I’ll find the time, I’ll do it. šŸ™‚

In May I’ve also left Daily Mail to join Hailo where I’ve started to develop a lot of custom UI’s component for the new redesign apart from a lot of improvements and fixes. There’s still lot do but the version 4.1 signs a complete change from the existing one globally.

…what else…

Apart from reading books about Android, Design Patterns, Concurrency and spending time trying to refine some of the concepts, techniques that I learnt… I’ve tried to spend some time with the people that I love even if the time wasn’t that much (my fault).

One thing that I’m missing is having my parents, friends and other people that I used to meet and see in Italy. Luckily my girlfriend is making this kind of barrier less thick.

Finally… my purposes for 2015:

  • get better and better… I want to look at 2013, 2014 and say something like “How many things did I learn?!?!”
  • spend more time looking at Android Internals and Lollipop
  • publishing some tutorialsĀ and code
  • keep my path flexible and adaptable
  • live my life otherwise my family and girlfriend would kill me!

P.S.: I might start to like this synthetical way to express things… I joke but at the beginning I promised you to just have a quick update and to myself to do not spend more than 15 mins for this post. šŸ˜‰

About alchemiasoft

Android Developer at Bloomberg LP. Algorithms and performance passionate. Curious. Eager to learn.

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