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Taking pics easily with #WeddingSnap

On 17th September I have taken part into WeddingSnap project as Android consultant and developer. At first, I was so confused and astonished by the idea that a guest takes pictures with his phone at a wedding. But after a few days I have noticed that this is a great idea! Far from Italian traditions, catching pics socially is a great thing because it increases and amplifies the sense of friendship and closeness between people. In fact, if you consider that we are talking about unforgettable and precious moments you’ll certain understand that the bride and groom want all best things in their precious day.

15 years ago we were used to take pictures through simple cameras but now, in an era governed by most famous social networks and technologies, we are using smartphones more and more. WeddingSnap tries to collect these special moments merging wedding’s pictures into shared album, avoiding  useless tricks to share pics between guests. Through this idea all people involved in a wedding can take and share a lot of photo shoots without caring of number limits and distribuition of them.

In just one month the Android app is grown quickly, giving to this project a great contribuition. In particular, if you decide to take a look on GooglePlay, you’ll find these new features:

  • Off-line mode: you can collect pictures without connection and upload them in another moment
  • Share: you were so marvellous at your friend wedding! Why not share that shoot on Facebook or Twitter?
  • Get it! now you can download on your phone pictures shared by other guests!
  • Fastness and responsiveness: old version of WS were too slow… and now it looks very fast!
  • Delete it! Don’t worry if you have upload the worst picture of the Wedding!
  • Several improvements on errors! have you noticed that now app is more stable?

If you aren’t ready for your first, second,….. wedding, give a look at ForeverSnap! You aren’t forced to use a wedding app if you only want to collect other events pics 😉




ActionBarSherlock is an extension of the compatibility library designed to facilitate the use of the action bar design pattern across all versions of Android with a single API”

These are the words of Jake Wharton, a developer who has built a library (and not only) that allows android developers to avoid compatibility problems across android versions and that greatly simplifies apps design development. Some months ago I have tried this free product but I was disappointed by a bug related to CursorLoader that stopped with crash my app. Then I started to develop a more simply and proprietary library that I have used in WhatsUp for the LifeParticipation team, in which I’m still a member.

In the last months Wharton has continued to fix, expand and complete his work and in these days I’m building a new app that is based on this great project. At the moment I haven’t found any bug and I have found a great and simply support for plugins (as his ViewPagerIndicator) that allows me to build an app without considering some development problems.

If you’re curious, I invite you to spend some of your time trying ActionBarSherlock.
I think this one of the more important project that helps you during your android development experience.