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The fall of Facebook: the rebirth of social.

FB on Nasdaq


The title is just a provocation because it’s not only referred to Facebook but to all those kinds of social networks which are similar to it. In particular I’m referring to all social networks which are based on the concepts of groups and closures. If you think just a few moments to the reasons that have led you to join them you’ll find a strange need to spy people which live near you. Maybe I’m exaggerating but how many times have you looked at some pictures of your neighbour or your classmate or your workmate without knowing him/her? I really don’t believe that at least one time you don’t have done it. Features like people tagging, friends tips,… have helped you to perform these kind of actions in a simply way without thinking of it. Sometimes it’s very easy to hide ourself behind a screen to view many different contents but unfortunately you end up to use these social networks only to inspect contents and other lives without contributing to the real sense of Social.

In my opinion social networks like Facebook, Google+,… will not have much future because they only move the concept of friendship circles into them without offering features related to real needs of people. They work only as people’s boxes leaving them the possibility to choose what kind of box to create into them: and this is the failure of the system. In this way they split two times their user base loosing great opportunities.

I think that we can consider some important notices/considerations of the recent moments to prove that this kind of social manner will be a complete failure:

  • Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion
  • Facebook on NASDAQ: is glorious as everyone expected?
  • Google+: is it different from Facebook or just same box with different presentation-logic layer?
  • What are the difference in Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare?

In the last month Facebook has acquired the “new” social platform Instagram. Someone have said “this is a moved to bring the Mark Zuckerberg creation to the Chinese world” but in my opinion it’s is an investment in a network that can really bring the concept of social to the extreme level. On Instagram you receive many good feedbacks on your photos without reducing your perspectives only to small boxes and increasing your sense of satisfaction. If you think to the American NASDAQ, Facebook is entered with a great value for every stock quote but loosing many points in just some days. Actually its value is increased (3.22%) but I think that in the next month it will decrease again. The Instagram purchase will be a good choice to improve Facebook service and at the same time the interst of many user. On the other hand if you consider Big G with its social network you’ll find a service similar to Facebook but that force you to migrate to another platform. This is boring and I don’t believe that it’ll be massively used. I have to admit that Google+ is very well integrated with other Google services but it’s not enough to be innovative. So if you consider other social platform like Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, Grooveshark… you have to understand that their power states into a single great box, not in just many small realities, and that they work in a single field that involves thousand and thousand of people. I hope this not seems cynical but this is what I am seeing in this Wide World Web.

As developer I think that all kind of applications and systems (except for low level ones) have to include and support social features, the most used of the moment, because in this way they can interact with an immense user base, granting themself more visibility and popularity.

What do you think? Am I a black dolly that thinks only strange things? 😛

[REVIEW] I love my Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch

My Kindle Touch

Two weeks ago I have received my first Kindle Touch that I had pre-ordered on Amazon in the middle of the past month. I was so curious and so tired to use my laptop or phone to read books that I have used some of my savings to buy this new instrument.

It has immediately started to amaze me for its simplicity and elegance in the design but at the same time in reading. The ink touch screen is one of the best screen that allows readers to read as  on a real book but with some advantages those make this E-book read fantastic. These are the main features of the Kindle Touch version those increase the pleasure of read books and magazines:

  • Pinch to zoom to increase or decrease text sizes
  • Interline and font style choice
  • A fast way to add notes with a touch keyboard
  • A nice translator and extracts sharer
  • Fast scrolling between pages and chapters
  • Inner prototype browser
  • Mp3 player to relax your readings
  • Up to two months of battery (I hope :P)

I think that it’s a great device not only to read but also to write and to annotate your books. Many people say that it’s so uncomfortable and different reading on a pc or laptop but I’m sure that with a Kindle you’ll found a good compromise. I didn’t choose the basic Kindle version because on my books I usually put a lot of notes and highlits: for those reasons the touch version with touch keyboard is more useful.