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My Bachelor Degree

On 26th September I have obtained my first bachelor degree. This milestone has signed the end (for the moment) of my student career because next month I’ll start my work one at FactoryMind.

There are some moments during your life in which you have to make a choice and this is my new bet for coming months.

For the moment enjoy my bachelor pictures 🙂

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ICT Days: from Hackathon with love

ICT Days 2012

ICT Days 2012

In the last three days I have participated with some university friends to ICT Days: in particular to Hackathon.

The Hackathon is a challenge in which some teams have  a funny experience in android development and in which a jury choose the best and the most innovative idea.
In our team we have developed a sort of music player that allows user to search song by artist or title in the giant and confused web, playing them like streams.

Based on the idea of Andrea Martinelli (one member of our hackathon team), we have developed, all togheter, an android version base on the original’s core, but with features like a real media player, in which the application does the things for you after your choice.




Considering that the application involves features like REST, MediaPlayer, Services and android IPC, I think that it’s a great goal in two days.

Now I really want to thank all the people those have participated, supported and helped in these marvellous days.
In particular thank to:

  • my patient girlfriend Erika Baldo
  • Andrea Martinelli, Paolo Sottovia, Roberto Faresin and Simone Casagranda (app developers)
  • Alessandro Tomasi, Aaron Ciaghi and Pietro Molini